DREISE TUCKER ATOL: innovate engineering

12-page booklet giving an overview of the company services, for an innovative engineering company based in the Gold Coast, NSW.

After a successful rebrand by ROAM from a very dated logo, to a much more modern logo which accurately represented the change in their business dynamics, ROAM was then contracted to design a promotional brochure for the client. The brochure needed to look unlike other typical, traditional engineering companies, to set them aside as the young, fresh and innovative business they are within their industry.

ROAM utilised strong, geometric, abstract black-and-white imagery overlaid with bold, iconic ‘engineering-inspired’ shapes and graphics. A square booklet format, combined with the simple, bold colour palette (inspired by their new logo) and the unique layout of text on each page, ensured that the client was very happy with the overall feel of the business’ new promotional material.


Dreise Tucker_Front Cover_CROP_trans.png
Driese Tucker_Spread0_CROP_trans.png
Driese Tucker_Spread1_CROP_trans.png
Driese Tucker_Spread2_CROP_trans.png
Driese Tucker_Spread3_CROP_trans.png
Driese Tucker_Spread4_CROP_trans.png
Driese Tucker_Back Cover_CROP_trans.png