Re Sugo: GOURMET HANDMADE pasta sauces

Branding, packaging and website design for a gourmet, ethical, small food business based in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

The client (originally from Italy but long-term Australian resident) wanted the brand to have a subtle vintage Italian look, whilst still representing the modern twist he puts into all of his food products. The company name, meaning ‘The King of Sauce’, comes from the client’s cheeky nature and humorous outlook on life and business, and he wanted this visually represented in the brand without looking elitist or arrogant.

ROAM researched vintage Italian food packaging over the years, and used visual cues from this research to inform some of the design elements of the brand. The combination of vintage typefaces, strong yet rustic colour palettes, a cheeky ‘king’ illustration and antique photos from the client’s own family photo albums, all come together to create the perfect balance for this small gourmet food business on the edge of traditional and trend. The brand is playful, fun, visually intriguing and memorable. The jar labels are angled, to create a real point-of-difference when on supermarket shelves, the product photoshoot we directed is colourful and playful with an ‘artisan’ feel to it, and the website looks traditional yet modern with the combination of the antique photos and the bright colours throughout. A cheerful brand for a young, vibrant yet traditional Italian small food business.

To see the website live, please visit:


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