VERVE CYCLING: brand style guide & all marketing materials

A huge variety of branded materials for this cutting-edge international bicycle product business.

Verve Cycling already had a logo they were happy with, but were in real need of a cohesive brand style to be created and applied consistently across all of their different touch-points. Their current items were inconsistent and not looking as professional as they desired. Verve employed ROAM to create a huge variety of materials for their new products, to ensure brand consistency across the board. They needed to visually represent their expertise and professionalism, whilst also showing that the company was funky, cutting-edge, and ‘not your average bike company’.

ROAM created a comprehensive brand style guide for Verve, ensuring to create alternative and ‘funky’ graphic elements that could be applied across all of their collateral. This style guide was then implemented by ROAM across a vast number of marketing materials — from luxury proposal documents, to information booklets, instruction manuals, all packaging for their products, to jersey designs, exhibition displays for various international trade expos, pull-up banners, flyers and posters, printed adverts in magazines, and much more. Stunning photography, combined with modern infographics, the use of graph papers, metallic papers and a bold colour palette, all came together to create a visually bold and hip look for all of the clients materials.


Verve Green Edge_Front Cover.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 1.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 2.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 3.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 4.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 5.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 6.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 7.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 8.png
Verve Green Edge_Spread 9.png
Verve Green Edge_Back Cover.png

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